UFC 242 Khabib vs. Poirier live stream, watch online, start time, fight card, TV coverage, PPV price

The most illustrious face Khabib vs. Poirier UFC 242 pay-per-view Fight Card is coming soon. Watch the live stream at 7 September 2019 held in du Arena, Abu Dhabi. The Ultimate Fighting Championship will start at 2: 00p ET. The recent press conference at June 12, 2019, has announced about the five rounds of upcoming UFC 242 inside the Hotel Cafe Royal in London, the president (Dana White) was also present there to discuss the title bout. UFC 245 Live Stream – Watch Usman vs Covington Live Stream online Free 14 December


Location: du Arena, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Trending
Date: Saturday, September 7, 2019 Source
Venue: The Arena, Yas Island
City: Abu Dhabi
Promotion: Ultimate Fighting Championship

Watch UFC 242 LIVE STREAM: Poirier vs Khabib UFC 242, start time, fight card, PPV price,TV coverage

The new partnership between the UFC & DCTA will arrange all events over the coming five years. The fight card of Nurmagomedov (The Eagle) is 27-0-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) in 2018 he captured batch the vacant crown also submitted to Conor for UFC 229. On the other hand, Dustin Glenn (The Diamond) is 25-5-0, 1 NC (Win-Loss-Draw) scooped up a commanding achievement.

Why UFC 242 Poirier Vs Khabib


The MMA of a high profile which is the impression to take the first step to enrich the new UFC fan & fighters’ crossways in the Middle EastKhabib who will back after the eight-month high profile ban. Last seen with rival McGregor in New York.

Poirier has claimed the lightweight title for his fabulous win of Max Holloway championship. For the unbeaten of six outings has earned a bonus five fight night as an award. The journey of this ultimate fighting championship starts from 1993 like a professional MMA organization. Today which stands as a global brand.

How to watch UFC 242 Khabib vs Poirier Live Stream


To enjoy the live stream, one has to pay-per-view.  Many reputed companies publishing the content on this topic. To see the most popular & noted face both of the sports champions all the eyes of fans & others eagerly waiting. Yas Island which is going to create a landmark for the sports lover.

UFC 245 Live Stream Kamaru Usman Vs Colby Covington official Live is broadcast ESPN+

From the survey of 2016, we come to know that the lion’s part of the world people loves sports. The percentage is America 56, China 67 Colombia 35.

We can finalize that the people of China interested in more than other countries. To increase the growth of new fighter among the middle east country they have to arrange the strategy plan to pull out the new Diamond & Eagle.

The live stream of this program will make the event extensive than today. Fans can hype the ESPN+ event for MMA special pre-fight conference.  Arena the Yas island is waiting for the grand observance of them.

Khabib vs Poirier Live Stream 242 UFC Ticket:


Within 96 hours UFC has sold out all initial tickets for the batch. According to the National construction team, Arena will completely finish the work midway of August. So, we can imagine, what the venue of the arena will look like after finishing the organizing task with the Culture and Tourism department.

For the fight fans, there must have special care to create portray picture. It doesn’t matter where their location is. This fighting business comes from a rich competitive tradition and history. Origin of this game was first introduced in 648 BC at the Greek Olympic Games. Knowing as a Vale Tudo local interest increase day by day. To mark the supreme one from the different martial art disciplines fixed that single night tournament.

Almost 165 countries broadcast the program with 60 global partners. At the age of 18 to 34 people compare the fighting with top sports properties. 40% fan belongs to this age level who have a great passion for it. For the exclusive live event delivery, UFC launched the FIGHT PASS in 2013.

UFC 242 Khabib vs. Poirier Live Stream Pay Per View


By using this top-level networking service, they arrange the high-quality live stream service PPV for the worldwide fight fans. To execute the highest level of safety arrangement for the player they take the precious streaming procedures. Being partnered with USADA they launch the comprehensive program of anti-doping in July 2015. Extend their five years partnership in February 2016.

Have contributed one million-dollar only for the fighter’s healthy brain study with proper support. To develop neurological disorders, Head trauma & to detect the injury sign. Ultimate Fighting Championship manifolded from the name of SEG.

The first event was held in Denver at McNichols. 1st prize was $50,000 to take home. Multiple disciplines draw the fighter card, only the two rules to fight in the game, but had no rounds, timeouts, weight classes, or judges.

The one and only two rules are no biting or eye extermination. Though ESPN bout the first night with 26 seconds kicking of Gerard. From that time, it was changed forever. Because the game was totally on the face. Initially, the cable companies did not want to promote this boxing event. Distributors were also not interested to sell the video footage to the fighter fans.

The reason was the different size of people with an early age and giving up pounds more than hundreds at a few times. Overall the country we know very well that wrestling has a good position in world trade from the starting of the civilization. Which is the most popular platform of entertainment for all classes of people? According to this point of view, this sport was tight to imagine that, fighting will be on TV Cable, isn’t it? Like dominating the TV Cable.

UFC 242: Khabib vs Poirier Live Stream And TV Coverage


While nobody said anything about the groin shots live on pay per view aired that card. Finally, they start to release the home video which spirit was like the pornographic movie. The brutal part of this game is to pummel the most vital part of a man which situated between the two legs with one contestant.

That was the intentionally pre-plan to injure the opponent party viciously. In this case, we can undoubtedly say that boxing is the symbol of brutalizing to each other. Bruno was the first person by whom the UFC main problem was solved.

He taught the way of drafting and overseeing the bill in a competition to regulate the problem. In UFC-9 there had to face some political pressure while promoting the sports for the fighters. The result of disobeying the rules would have to face direct arrest.

Live Streaming Channels


Fox the first networking brand for broadcasting the program. Fox network first used the blanket title for the show. Then re-launch the Fox Sports 1 which is a paid version TV Channel of United State. August 2013 Fuel TV rebranding as Fox Sports 2.

All programs of USF broadcasting through this channel, also the Fight Night & UFC Finale. With Fox Sports, they make an agreement of seven-years deal.

Fox cable or networking channel is a pay-TV channel in United State also promote their channel in the UK then gradually provide the service worldwide by the paid procedure PPV. My Network TV the sister concern service providing all Fuel TV & Sports TV programs.

The partnership between the Fox Network & the Ultimate Fighting Championship board come to a conclusion in 2018 while re-establish the partnership with ESPN from the begging of January 2019.



The international broadcasters of UFC for live broadcasting the show through PPV in the USA. There are many pay-TV channels by who’s the people of the USA can enjoy the live match of Fighting Championship.

Payable TV cable and SKY Satellite also help them to see the show. At present without USA or UK other countries can also watch the live program like Brazil, Hong Kong, and Papua New Guinea.

Excluded the Philippines most of the peoples of Southeast Asia can enjoy the PPV show. Recently this show will be broadcast in Abu Dhabi Media. By the new PPV following TV cable & Satellite channels, all the fight lovers are able to watch the live program timely. Xbox 360 is another live TV channel to promote the fighting show with high definition and good quality.

To predict the UFC fight and to compare the ability, strategy, records of the game they want to use all the PPV supported channels. TVONE start broadcasting the show from January 15, 2018. Before this RTCI did the same task from 2012 to 2017. ESPN the new Network service provider for the preliminary fights, the new home for the breaking the TV streaming.

This will broadcast more than 10 premium events through PPV. The total fighting is 5 round each round have 5 minutes to fight against the opponent. Total time figure is 25 minutes. Through this strategy & plan, ESPN will be able to earn $1.5 billion. The brand value is now $7 billion.

UFC 242 fight card


In the upcoming 242 PPV events KGB will meet with Jojo at 3 Jul 2019, 8:00 pm EDT. Also, Joanne Calderwood fights against Andrea Lee on the same day. He will showdown 15 top rank flyweight with the opponent. Rogan will Freaked Out by Ferguson by his extraordinary skills against the light weighted contender, Tony Ferguson.

Nurmagomedov said that he has no problems to do fight with Conorattending 242, but warns that, “Notorious” who is his shenanigans won’t tolerate in Abu Dhabi. The president of UFC does not agree to object Conor crashing the Khabib vs. Poirier the title fight at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi which is “that region” like “Notorious” too.

Live Stream UFC 242


Through pay-per-view one can purchase by $64.99. To get more information about how to order Khabib vs. Poirier, please contact your local service provider.

You also can watch live-stream by the main card on our UFC.TV for $64.99. In order to enjoy the live performance of our great champions have to subscribe to the PPV version paid method to get the chance without going to Abu Dhabi. To see the previous more than 80 nights fight of a year you can join DAZN.

UFC 242 Latest News


Khabib the Russian star withstand that bring security for the forthcoming championship with the Irishman on 7 September 2019 at Abu Dhabi. Because of the explosive night back on October.

The stern warning to McGregor creates the latest media news. The explosive loses to Russia in the last Oct make Khabib more valiant for his approximate game at Yas Island, who has won Combat Sambo World Championship 2 times. Javier Mendez the trainer has exposure some words against his fighter’s family members personal attacks like religion, wife, and Father.

According to Mendez speaking, we come to know that, it will be better to have arranged a lot of security system to make the match most reliable. Though it would be a Muslim country so he will not be able to make more friends in this country.

From the uncertain incident with his religion and attacked his father they don’t want to take any risk or insecurity. The pre-fight mind game of Nurmagomedov became famous before the defeat with Conor at UFC 229. MC targeted to call rival’s father Abdulmanap as “quivering coward”.

Those all attack’s open the door for the unbeaten champion of Russia. The evilness between then can make the situation worst at any time at the championship game 242. This Russian boy wants to crumble up him again which is thinking of his trainer.

Khabib also mentions that it will be inconceivable to pull out any unscrupulous tricks there. Recently Dana White declared that he’d have no problem if McGregor crash in 242 at 6 September 2019. The Lightweight king has taken the contender no1 against Poirier.

About Khabib Nurmagomedov


The Lightweight rivals make MC & Nurmagomedov more highlighter within the 24 hours media crisscross news & they have crossed their boundaries. They mock at him by using the word towel at his wedding day while he was wearing the traditional Habib at his face. The clap again back in response to the mouthy Irishman.

Ultimate Fighting Championship president being too much disturbed for his two biggest stars rumors allegation. To create the situation more out of control social media is more responsible. NSAC decide that they will put Muzzle to promote the fight while it is come to over the top pre-fight.

Finally, it seems that White, Co and Nevertheless come in a motivated process for the end of heated between Conor&Khabib. We exactly waiting for White and the higher-ups of UFC intended to do. The memo of Mc is remaining due for his twist that “a goat is under that towel”.


On July 3, 2019, Khabib evolves that Abu Dhabi is not the place for show-offs, ‘shenanigans’ will not work there. The interim or the fugitive titleholder Poirier the Irishman is still tight on his mind. Both of them have some several incidents of dating back not less than a year.

The bus attack, the car park of Brooklyn’s the ultimate leading of an arrest. Conor takes a shot with the Instagram bus attack scene of Nurmagomedov. In various ways the both want to insult Infront of the Media by using various kinds of mocking words, post or incidents.

In the alternate side, media want to grab their chance to promote their page by providing this type of news. Though both of them are nor a little or cheap topic over the world. The fans world of them always waiting for their appetizing news. They are the big part or property of UFC. That is why the team try to Soult out their all allegation.

Religious Issue


The name Khabib the big legacy who fight for pound and pound is the greatness. He mentions in his word that Abu Dhabi & Dubai the safest place in another country because of its Muslim country.

His thinking is that the people of Arab Emirates will not do any harm to them. They will support him as a Muslim friend or fan. So, there has no situation to create any unscrupulous thing. Every event of UFC is monetarized by their special ranking method, UFC.com will list out the power of both stars ranking for their FTON ending or the yearly colander to make a complete picture. 

For the sack of the best fighter of the year. The result will be published depends on the entertainment score of the fight, watchability of all classes of people, the competitiveness of back & forth, use of technical vs brawl, justifying the well-rounded shape, crazy moment, finishing touch, etc.

Official Hosting of Abu Dhabi


All the fighting of the stage looks like the fighters is in the vacuum, surrounded by a strong context. The opening match is the most attractive fight to the fighters according to their lovely fighter. A little fight doesn’t have more implications than the big stars.

It will depend on the given criteria from the highest-ranking level team. Let’s have a look on the ranking award which presents FOTN by UFC. Sport 236 is not forgettable very soon. Dana the president described that he has seen one of the best fights among all the events which are really exaggerative to him.

Abu Dhabi is hosting the event officially from 2014. Until 2023 they will continue the live event to maintain the partnership among them & to grow the tourism parentage of their country. Though we know the USA the tourist place held the program some days to promote the business on fighting. To grow the interest among the worldwide people UFC take the effective steps which are also a big source of earning a pound or the currency from another country.

Bell MTS

Bell MTS the Fibe satellite TV in Canada in which the people can watch the most popular events of UFC sport like Khabib&Conor’s 242. You can get the loveliest channels and also can find the new release movies. Amazing sound quality with more different features and HD quality view.

To get all the functions within a time you have to subscribe the channel with the monthly or yearly package. In this channel, you can enjoy your movie or game or other events anywhere at any time with the exclusive ability. Also, can restart the show from the previous 30 hours.

About Dustin Poirier


Dustin born on January 19, 1989, is the American professional mixed martial artist, in 2009 he formerly completed the Bang FC. He is the part of the documentary of Fightville created by Petra and Michael in which examine the MMA in southern Louisiana.

The official ranking of UFC is #8 in pound-for-pound. He got victory with the match Max Holloway. Daniel Watts was defeated by him at 31 October 2009 which was the extreme fighting in the fight ranking. In 2011 he was replaced by the promotional new comer. Lamas had to fight with an injury then finally withdraw from it in 2012.

On 4 June 2016Poirier had to face the fight against Bobby Green & won the game, knockout from the first round. He has won majority of his events against the opponent partners. Due to the disservice he was pulled out from the event and then finally the bout was cancelled.$5,100 was Poirier’s highestbidder.

He and his wife also founded some foundation to help the poor unable people. At the age of 14 he drew his first tattoo. At present chest and arm is covered with 2 Japanese character. Wife Jolio and has a child name parker.

The Official Schedule For UFC In Australia

  • White’s – Contender at 10 July 4, 2019 from 6:00 – 8:00 AM+06 live on Fight Pass
  • Randamie – Ladd at July 14, 2019 from 8:00 – 9:00 AM Live-ESPN
  • Dos Anjos vs Edwards, Jul 21,2019 – 3:00 – 5:00 AM +06 – Live – ESPN!
  • Dana – Contender Series – Jul 24, 2019 – 6:00 AM – 8:00 AM +06, Live – Fight Pass!
  • Holloway – Edgar – Jul 28, 2019 – 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM +06 – Live – PPV
  • TBD – TBD – Aug 4, 2019, 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM +06, Live – ESPN!

Links for watching the live stream:

  • UFC– https://www.youtube.com/user/UFC
  • MMA of ESPN– https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO4A…
  • WILL HARRIS– https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC47U…
  • REEBOK of RUSSIA– https://www.youtube.com/user/ReeSport
  • REEBOK: https–//www.youtube.com/user/reebok
  • MONSTER in ENERGY– https://www.youtube.com/user/monstere…
  • LUKE of THOMAS: https–//www.youtube.com/user/KnuckleGame
  • MMA Fighting SBN– https://www.youtube.com/user/MMAFight…
  • HELWani SHOW– https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO4A…
  • ESPN: https–//www.youtube.com/user/ESPN
  • EVERLAST– https://www.youtube.com/user/Everlast
  • BELIEVE YOU ME– https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMTm…
  • JRE PODCAST: https–//www.youtube.com/user/PowerfulJRE
  • TFATK PODCAST: https–//www.youtube.com/channel/UC6Ab…
  • THE SPLIT PODCAST– https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1OE…
  • CHAEL of SONNEN– https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRlv…
  • ROBIN BLACK: https–//www.youtube.com/channel/UCTXp…
  • ANIK & FLORIAN –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nk1P2…
  • TEDDY ATLAS– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssnVS…
  • ZLATAN INTERVIEW– https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvv3…
  • TMZ SPORTS– https://www.youtube.com/user/TMZSports

Unblock MPL Channel

To watch the live stream free in any MPL account we have to unblock the channel. First of all, we have to log on the home page of that site. Then fill the mail ID, MPL No, Name, help category, Add money issue, subject. After submitting all the box then have to submit the form, after mail conversation one can easily solve the MPL problem with the help of some tricks. Actually, the paid method establishes its site with full security. After breaking the security line one can enter the boundary.

Kodi using Planet MMA

  • First have to click on the gear icon.
  • Then go to the file manager, double click on add source, hit none, in the box have to type the given address: http://supermacy.org.uk/zip/repo
  • Have to select ok button, rename the media source with “SUP” then ok, & ok again, finally pressing the back space go to the previous Manu, press ESC to get back all the way to the kodi home screen.
  • Now select the small package installer icon from the top left corner.
  • Select install from Zip file. Double click SUP & Repositionary.supremacy-24> Repositionary.supremacy-24.
  • Wait for the “supremacy addon installed” Confirmation at the top right.
  • Goback to the package installation icon, this time choose “Install from repository”, then supremacy& Video Add- ons. Choose Planet MMA from the list & press install.
  • Wait till the install.
  • After installation you will get the confirmation.
  • Will get the installed notification. Go to the home screen, “addon” Category- “Video addon” then Planet MMA’. Information screen will popup, skip it.
  • Scroll down, now select the most suitable stream & enjoy stream on KODI.